Frequency Unheard

A friend send me a link to a site I actually wish he had not – Sounds i’ve heard places all over and I’d say “ow” but it doesn’t quite cover it. A high frequency sound that apparently if your over 25 shouldn’t be able to hear – makes me feel ill when I hear it.

LINK: The Teenager Sound Test

There is a lot of equipment that sends out these high tones, but at the moment some shops are putting them outside to stop “youths” hanging around – it hurts, maybe its a human rights issue.

Different equipment that makes these sounds: Lights, Computer monitors, TVs, security cameras among other things. Friends used to laugh when I said I could hear the lights but it actually hurts – right behind the eyes and back of head and often the feeling of sea sickness too.

I recall a few months back while I was helping deliver leaflets I heard one of these noise makers in someones garden… Took me a while to figure where it was coming from. Some people use them in gardens to keep animals out – I found it an annoyance and animals can usually hear a lot better – is this a case for animal cruilty?

Be glad if you can not hear them.