Ice Skating

I want to learn to to ice skate properly. I do have a pair of ice hockey boots – they feel very differently to ice skate boots – I think I should have stayed with them instead.

I’ve not fallen over in a while but don’t know how to stop once I get started. I’ve always enjoyed skating and its a place where I’ve made some of my greatest friends (you know who you are)

When I’ve spoken to people about it they’ve asked if a TV programme has influenced me… I rarely watch judged programmes on TV unless its been on while round a friends place.

Something I enjoyed when I was younger, and even after injury did not put me off for long… my brother caught my finger with the skate (thank goodness the blades were not that sharp otherwise i’d probably be a finger down now)

If it was cheaper, I guess I’d go more often or if I had people to learn with but it usually comes down to cost and its still too much but nice for a change 🙂