Career Change… Maybe

I’ve always done something with computers, I’ve always been able to work with them, learn how to fix and adapt quite quickly to what I’ve been needed to do.

I’ve tried the IT technician route fixing and maintaining things, programming, Web Development, graphics, encryption and want to try something new that will stretch me.

I’ve realised so much over the past few years that I can do a lot more than i’ve ever given myself credit for. I have so much more potential and i’ve not been tapping into it expect for set bursts where i’ll get loads done and then back to normal – I think I need to change that normal a little.

I’m looking into courses to become an electrician. Electric circuits and how things work, and can be fixed have interested me for a long time and at school I enjoyed it but was good with computers so followed that path. Now i’m looking back and wondering what else I was good at and trying that too.

I’ve looked for part time courses in my area but so far no luck, everywhere there is a course is at least an hours drive away from home. To work around my current employment seems difficult. I’ve seen some express courses where its around 3 months – 3 to 4 weeks full time and the rest part time.

So I guess partly IT based as in technology and electics but a change of direction.