That was the End of 2012, Happy New Year!

Since I have done so many frequent updates, I thought I could do another one totalling a grand total of 20 posts for the year – almost 2 a month… Not great but I’ve been busy.

I’ve had another year of University, I’ve made it through the exams and got into my second year of a part time law degree and enjoying greatly although still not quite enjoying the amount of reading that goes along side it all.

I don’t know how or if I did anything when I was a full time student. I seem to get a lot more work done and to a much higher standard now while trying to manage multiple jobs and other comitments. I honestly don’t know what I did when a student first time round.

This year has been the year that has had me starting Trampoline Coaching again at Billingham Trampoline Club – I qualified years ago and have been on the refresher courses but never used it as didn’t have the time. Now I do that Monday nights – the only night I didn’t have something already on.

I don’t feel I have acheived much this past year but most of it has been concentrated on university. I did manage to visit London during the olympics and see a few things that were in free areas and the weather was awesome and I was glad to be a part of that. Other things: I did Spring Harvest again in Easter and plan to do it again next year, saw some friends get married and attend many parties and made lots of new friends (and met some old ones too)

For the next year… I don’t really have any big plans. There are many things I would like to happen, one being getting through University but nothing that I wish to share. I hope that you have had a great year and the next year will be so much more amazing for you.

Communication – The HOT Topic

Its strange that “communication” is the topic that comes up in EVERYthing that I’m reading, and working with .

Last week or so on the train, the journey started very quiet… I tried getting people to talk and nothing happened… so vanished into a book… about “Networking – and how to communicate”

“Sev” (guy next to me) asked me about what I was reading after about half an hour and we started to talk… then “Unity” (girl opposite me) joined in too… and sometime later “Graham” joined in too… we all chatted about all sorts, and I was talking that I wanted to know how to communicate better with others

“Graham” was a consultant about managers and businesses, we all talked. “Sev” was a medical student from Toronto, learning in Newcastle for a year, and “Unity” a landscape artist – we all sort of talked… “Unity” left at peterbrough and another girl “Katy” got on… We continued talking the rest of the journey that was delayed… set off around 6:45pm – got to darlington nearer 10:20pm (was meant to be in 9:30)

so a lot of talking… strangely there was no swap of any details, just a nice talk and enjoyable… it was like all the stuff I’d been reading all week, and heard in church came together as a practical way of doing what I wanted but without the pressure of it all… so yeah, I do believe that God puts us in the right places at the right times.

Names are often not related to real people, or maybe they are…

My time in London – Its the Weekend :)

Saturday has been a generally nice day, didn’t feel too well in the morning but thankfully it was gone by around 2pm.

I headed over to the Museum of Science, I liked it but think I enjoyed the History one yesterday more. It was busy, but that is expected on a weekend and in school holiday, but wasn’t so busy that you couldn’t see anything.

I liked looking through the past of computers and time, one item that was a slanted ball and table to count seconds caught my eye – it was said to be quite unreliable but still I liked it.

After the museum, I wandered around for a while and looked for something to eat. I was tempted to try sushi as never done before but couldn’t find anywhere that did a sample seleciton at a price I would pay… I looked for under £15 and the only places that had anything on offer close were empty while other restaurants were full – I didn’t see it as a good sign so ate somewhere else.

Eating alone isn’t much fun if out and about, althou did give me more time to read between service. I noticed while alone, that people serving give off a feeling of disaproval… maybe its always there but I’m destracted from other people to notice it or as being alone, I was just more observent – either way it didn’t feel right

On the way back, a guy decided that the busy underground train was a good place to try some busking, and he had a large portable speaker and microphone of which he sang several songs very badly, and his actions – well… The less said the better to be honest. But he made myself and several laugh – probably not the intended reaction but it was a reaction.

I wasn’t out late on saturday night, back in by 10pm which around London is still quite early. I plan to be at church in the morning – assuming I can find it, then its getting ready to head back up north to Teesside again.

Its been a good break from the norm, don’t know if I could live in the City and Work, but overall its a nice place in my opinion… then again everything unless stated here is my opinion… just to make that seen.

Anyhow bed time now, its 2:49am and really I should be asleep by now but instead almost going to sleep on laptop.

My Time in London… The next day or so

Friday: Late start, but more exploration… I went to visit the museums – I went to the National History museum, I think I went as a child but don’t remember – this time I think I will – it was quite awesome and totally free to enter and wander. I liked looking at some of the dinosaurs or what is thought to be dinasaurs and the many other suspected creatures of the past.

How anyone can predict something took millions of years as a fact of reasoning when I can’t see how the process to measure that is, then I don’t know – I find it strange when people say that the earth is millions of years old… Strangely enough, in another part of the museum it stated that the sun, and planets only came into existance less than 10,000 years ago – so which is it? It can’t be both can it – I say neither is correct and i’d say were probably never going to be able to know.

Anyhow, History museum, Nice place – very busy. History and predictions of the future. I learned of Volcano’s; I’d known about it, but little things stuck out that I was unaware of. Makes me want to watch more of discovery channel by the emenses of information about the nature around us.

To see… Bugs, birds, dinasaurs, use of energy, fossil fuels, future plans of life, sea life, lots of people, and many more that I saw but probably didn’t quite see totally. I’d say go if your in London, nice to see so much and it was free too.

Met with another friend after they finished work, We both managed to get to station at same ish time even though we were to meet 20 minutes later. She spotted me, I only realised when she was closer… We went to Nandos – very nice chicken wrap for me – quite filling.

Afterwards more wandering, and chatting – My feet/legs are saw from walking but feel fine at the same time. I think this trip is started to help me realise some more fitness is needed but its nice to wander and explore.

Headed back near 10pm, I was back at flat by 25past, managed to get to stations just as transport arrived. Traffic doesn’t stay stopped for long in London but if you miss the currect connection there is usually another in a few minutes time.

I do think the transport system is quite amazing in London – their website for directions is great giving you estimated times and links between walking, trains, subway, and buses and offers alternative routes. The whole idea of it, its so complex yet simple to use. I really like it – the design and initial setup must have taken ages but now, very easy to use in my opinion and the “Oyster Cards” that allow transport so easily without cash and tickets mixed up.

I plan to go to the science museum Saturday, and explore a little more and just relax. The plan of relax, take some time out and read a bit aswell as visit the city has devloped into more and I like that. I’ve often planned stuff in the past but when its put to action nothing is quite right. This time, with little to no planning things are running quite excellent.

And the Journey Begins

Wednesday, after a quite busy day of getting things sorted, I got dropped off at Darlington station to go to london. Train on time, I’ve not really travelled much by train but so far seems fine, if a little bumpy which makes typing interesting.

So, a mid week to weekend trip to London. The plan – Meet with Dad, and see some friends aswell as just have some space away from everything and everyone to be honest. Life seems to have got so busy, now with running my own business, aswell as normal work at the medical centre and just having so much on which is nice to have the variety but means I don’t feel I stop.

I dislike the passing trains – really does seem to give me a shock when it happens – I guess I’ll get used to it soon enough. YES, I seem to be getting used to the speeding past trains – supprisingly quickly. I do love how people adjust to things so quickly (most of the time)

My ticket was around £40 from darlington to london, I checked bus althou didn’t want to go that way and it would have costs nearer £30 to £35 one way so glad I chose the train way – also managed to get First class too, think its the time of day – 15.25 to 18.05 is apparently the times. Still first class train compared with bus travel – I think it was worth the extra £5 to £10 for the peace and leg room.

Its quite peaceful in first class – maybe it is the rest of the train however I am one of the youngest here. There is free WiFi but is unsecured – wireshark may have fun here, I’ve switched off my wireless for this journey. I just don’t trust it 🙂