I used to remember my dreams long enough to…

I used to remember my dreams long enough so that I could write them down, it has been a long time since that has happened. I only remember what feels like small fragments of them now, and they don’t make much sense (not that dreams often do after waking up)

I used my dreams to base up stories that one day I hoped that I could re-write and make into small stories or books to be published or at least shared with other people. I often have such great adventures through my imagination that I want to share it with others.

Last night, all I can remember is getting a new job – a job where I was in a high tech location with lots of security around. I was new so did not have the required passes to get in, but someone found me and got me through security.

I went through to a place with a lot of very large monitors and people quite busy, but also quite socialable too. My team leader wanted me to write, and asked me to create a couple of stories that would demonstrate my writing and descriptive abilities although I could not see how that could help me in that job, I could suddenly remember so many stories from my dreams. I felt conflicted, I could have written so many down and developed them, but also wanted to keep them for myself.

It was very strange, as at that point, I could have wrote so much but then I started to awaken to this world. All I can now remember is that the information was there and available to develop and now, I can not seem to remember or access it. It is really annoying but comforting to know that it is there and maybe, that dream will become a reality and I’ll be able to share my stories one day.

Congratulations, it was a great day

Today (Well saturday 16th) has been an awesome day, I saw a friend I’ve known since 1997 get married and it was an awesome wedding, and party afterwards. I know that I’ve had many drinks and it was a good time without getting to the stage of drunk but seeing many others get there.

The wedding was at St Giles Church in Northampton, its a real church building which I’ve not really been in one of those for a long time. It was a nice church, it felt quite welcoming. The music seemed a little too loud for the amount of people, but otherwise the service was good even with the preacher/guy doing the service going on about Love a lot. At one point it felt a game to count how many times a minute he could say it. The great passage about Love in 1 corinthians 13 was spoken and it was well placed.

The weather didn’t seem to want us to take pictures and was very windy but we got a few all the same before moving to the next venue. There was some pictures taken before the rain started and we all went inside. There didn’t seem to be a lack of drinks, and we were provided with many if we wanted them.

We had a wager (£1 each) for our table, to guess the length of the speeches put together, it was around 14 minutes fifty something, I’d guessed 14 minutes and was closest so won that round. It went towards the drinks for the next round – We got a pitcher of cola and had been given a bottle of vodka – it didn’t last long and was quite nice.

I’ve had invites to stay at peoples houses, and reconnected with friends I’d lost and caught up with many too and even made a few new ones along the way. The day has been awesome, I’ve really enjoyed the friendship and seeing him actually go through with it and wish him and his new wife an awesome life together.

I got some free transport home from my friends aunt who lived in the area, I really appreciated it as was not sure how to get back and was assuming a taxi however my phone had died and I didn’t have a number either so was working on the assumption that it will all work out, and it was great because it did.

I have to say congratulations to them both, and to my friend, you’ve been an amazing friend – you will be an amazing husband to her – Best wishes and God Bless.

And… Thank you for having me be a part of this amazingly special day.