Sell off – The plan

I’ve discovered I have a load of stuff I’ve not used in years, and piles of cables and bits I will probably never use again.

So I will be at some point sorting all the bits and selling them – hopefully helping clear two things at once: Having a clearer room/boxes and making some money ready for Christmas.

So where do I sell things? I know of ebay – but there are so many fees involved from posting an auction, to selling fees, and then transaction fees if using paypal so where else could I sell things?

If I had the money…

What would I Like to do if I won a large amount of cash like the lotto millions…?

There is the idea that I would be debt free and help out close friends and family with cash too but apart from that would there be anything I’d really like to do.

There are things like travelling, to see different parts of the world and how cultures work together or against each other. To learn how to cook different dishes traditionally for me and others.

There are a few projects i’d like to do aswell for the community I live in. Maybe some of them I could do now but never seem to have the time or know where to start with it all. The theory is with money you can take the time to do things – I don’t know if this is the case really.


I’ve enjoyed learning trampolining and the freedoms and friends made doing it and try to encourage more people to do it. We are currently located in a sports hall in part of a school in billingham.

I would love for there to be a speciallised place for trampolining where it could be run all day, every day with set days where anyone could come in and try it aswell as run for the club.

A training, fitness area aswell as several trampolines maybe in more than one room so more than one class could be run easily…. Its just an idea – not sure if other places have them already but know in Teesside they don’t.


Take a plot of land or a few plots and build a semi self sufficient set of housing with eco friendly energy. The idea would be to generate all heating using underground heating and energy from solar/wind power with maybe some of the excess heating from underground to also generate power.

I know how fortunate i’ve been in life and althou I’ve never won the lotto or large cash sums before I know that i’ve got a good life and been supported by family and friends and always had somewhere to sleep if needed.

The housing could be used to provide services to the area we live in. There are so many homeless people and people living on the streets, and council properties that are not great and I know that its not much I can do but this idea could help and in theory help pay for itself in running costs. The initial cost would still be expensive.

These are just ideas of a what if.. however maybe its something that could happen without the “what if” – maybe its a set of ideas to start with and something that if local businesses were interested in helping could work together and sponser a project like this. I don’t know – its one of the many ideas I have.

Raising money – An idea

Helping myself and friends out of debt… an idea. Can we raise money sponsor wise etc to help support ourselves to pay for past education and time as a student that has got many of us in debt.

I’ve a variety of ideas and found loads of sites to help fund raise but most require a few of us to do them. My plan would be to try and get 4 to 5 people together or more to do this. We run a variety of events and the profits split between us to pay for studenthood and past debts to try and clear an overhead that is over so many of us.

We’ve all heard of “debt” agencies but who here would like to get rid of Credit cards, overdrafts, loans etc. I rekon that if we worked together we could probably make quite a difference – but working together is something thats always been hard for people in general.

Anyone know who would be interested? I have a few people in mind, some of which I know reads here.