That was the End of 2012, Happy New Year!

Since I have done so many frequent updates, I thought I could do another one totalling a grand total of 20 posts for the year – almost 2 a month… Not great but I’ve been busy.

I’ve had another year of University, I’ve made it through the exams and got into my second year of a part time law degree and enjoying greatly although still not quite enjoying the amount of reading that goes along side it all.

I don’t know how or if I did anything when I was a full time student. I seem to get a lot more work done and to a much higher standard now while trying to manage multiple jobs and other comitments. I honestly don’t know what I did when a student first time round.

This year has been the year that has had me starting Trampoline Coaching again at Billingham Trampoline Club – I qualified years ago and have been on the refresher courses but never used it as didn’t have the time. Now I do that Monday nights – the only night I didn’t have something already on.

I don’t feel I have acheived much this past year but most of it has been concentrated on university. I did manage to visit London during the olympics and see a few things that were in free areas and the weather was awesome and I was glad to be a part of that. Other things: I did Spring Harvest again in Easter and plan to do it again next year, saw some friends get married and attend many parties and made lots of new friends (and met some old ones too)

For the next year… I don’t really have any big plans. There are many things I would like to happen, one being getting through University but nothing that I wish to share. I hope that you have had a great year and the next year will be so much more amazing for you.

Happy New Year 2012

Its been an awesome 2011 for me, I’ve learned a lot and grown in ways I did not expect. I didn’t do everything I wanted but did give it a good go and in the process found more things that I enjoy.

I hope that you all have an Amazing New Year, and that 2012 be the start of something that just gets better and better.

Most popular post this year:

I didn’t expect people to find it useful, it was more written up because if I ever wanted to do it again, I’d have a guide for it. Plus, I’d not found anything online like it. One day I may add pictures too… now that I have got them to the computer.

I hope you all have an amazing time what ever you are up too.

2011 – Its been a good year

At the end of last year I wanted to try so many things, I made a list of stuff I would like to do and a few of those things I have managed but done so much more as well.

I found a few new passions for life, my work life changed – more of a new mix of things to do rather than a particular job change. The change allowed me to section things really well meaning I’ve had more focus and enjoyed things more.

With no real headaches/migraines anymore my concentration levels feel like they’ve gone through the roof, I felt I’ve had more time to do things although I’ve got very good at filling all that extra time up again. Since stopping the consumption of chocolate, I have only had 3 headaches I could consider up to migraine pain and it only knocked me out for a day so it wasn’t too bad. It seems worth the trade although I really do miss chocolate.

Going quickly down my list from last year and how its turned out so far:

Play the guitar
– I managed a few cords and tried for a few weeks but didn’t really feel any passion for it to keep it up and other things took priority so I stopped.

Trampolining: Sumasaults with no help
Not managed it yet, but been learning Bounce rolls too, I’m getting the rotation just not quite the confidence or trusted coordination to actually complete the moves.

Rock Climbing – more technique
I’ve went with friends while in Leeds but not so much locally. I have learned how to climb, how to tie knots and belaying but not really done a lot with it. I tried the club locally and although they seemed friendly, it was all a bit too cleeky and I didn’t feel I could just go some weeks and not others and then other things are now happening on the same night so not so easy to go anyhow.

A new passion in work, or something in life that I don’t want to put down
Work: Well I’m still in the same main job, but have a few others now aswell that make life a lot more interesting and challenging.

New cooking styles
I’ve been making sweets this year, a mixture of things such as Banoffee mixtures, Toffee sweets, Chilli & ginger chocolate and most recently ginger creams (same basis of peppermint creams, just ginger essence instead of peppermint) as well as things like Chilli Popcorn, Spicy BBQ Shreaded Pork and Spicy Chicken

I wanted to become more fluid, confident, and relaxed in dance and expand the styles but that would involve me actually going out and doing it, that didn’t happen this year which was strange but something to look forward too for next year.

I’ve enjoyed my trampolining this past year, rock climbing, and swimming and other exercise I’ve got up too, but the newest thing has been ice skating, I’ve always wanted to try it but not had the opertunity to really try it, I’ve tried to get lessons but could never get on the courses.

Then about 2 months ago, I saw an advert for some free lessons put on for local residents and went for it, it was a set of 5 beginner lessons over 5 weeks. I’ve had my own boots for years but only had used them once before the lessons. I’m no good at it, I now know how to start of, get up, fall with style (not part of the lessons), kinda stop and greatly increased confidence in going for it…

I went with some friends after the lessons, and didn’t feel that confident – I was afraid of falling and hurting myself badly. I didn’t relax… I was fine until the last 5 minutes of the timeslot where I went flying and just burst into laughter skidding across the ice. It hurt (still does) but it was an eye opener. Next time I went, I was less afraid of falling and relaxed. It was so much easier and a lot of fun. Its something I hope to do multiple times a month now. so… Falling was a good thing.

— End of last years list —

So, What else has been happening

New Year Start…

The New year started in London with a close friend, we went to celebrate the new year in the capital to see what it was like. We thought to head to the waterfront in plenty of time and set off for around 6pm on new years eve, seems that was not early enough. We were diverted around different streets and never quite got to the waterfront and ended up in Trafalgar square. We had a good view of the fireworks when they started although the build up was quiet but friendly. We had a good time, and a long walk home – we were not attempting London transport that night.


In April time, I went to spring harvest and spent some time out from normal life. I spent a few weeks in Northampton, I used a site called spareroom, and rented a room for a month or for the two weeks I was there. It worked out a lot cheaper than trying hotel, or even B&B accommodation and gave me a lot of freedom. I got all my washing sorted from the previous week at spring harvest and the weather was awesome. I think it was in the late 20’s to early 30’s in temperature – it was really nice to be able to laze out in a back garden and just read a book. I saw a lot of friends from the area, and caught up with some I’ve not seen in years – an awesome holiday/time out.


During the time which we could consider is summer time I got to thinking about my future again and for the past year or so, I’ve thought about returning to university. I’ve wanted to get that degree in something just to prove to myself I can do it and really not wanted it in IT anymore. IT is something I can do but not what I want to do for the rest of my life.

It was an interesting experience applying again and wondering Will I Get in? and finding out the day before I was due to start that I got in, and I would be a student again. I am finding it hard work but very enjoyable. I found my first post on this site, and how unhappy I was in the IT university course – it feels very different this time round and I look forward to what I am learning instead of the thoughts of “I have to get through this”.

For as long as I can recall I have always wanted the rights of people to be served right and people get what they are entitled too. I’m not interested in this suing of everyone for anything. I think it’s stupid in a lot of ways but I don’t think it’s right that people are cheated out of things. I’ve been one that reads the terms of most things to see what I’m signing for or against and often enjoyed debating with others even things I totally agree with them about.

On the 30th November 2011, I was involved in Strike Action to stand for the rights of my pension. It doesn’t really affect me directly, but does many of my friends and my Union voted to strike, so I stood by them. I was asked why I striked as they reckoned everyone is loosing out, why not me…

How would you like this senario: You have an all expenses luxury holiday planned for 30th July next year, when you get there you will get the best weather for the place, you won’t have to pay anything more but it will cost you £250 each month for the next 6 months to go. You agree and start the payments. After a couple of months, the company doing the package turn round and change the terms. Now you have to pay £300 per month, and its no longer available in July – its now in October. Its no longer all expenses paid, you will have to pay for food, and those facilities that would have been included.

Would you agree to this? Pay More, For longer for less in the return and you wonder why people would want to fight for their right?


I had friends down for Christmas this year, waking up and opening presents from one another and then visiting their families. In the afternoon we went to my parents place where my family was all together. There was around 14 of us around the table all eating and celebrating together for the afternoon. I got to meet and actually spend time with some of my cousins that I’ve only known by names before Christmas. I had a really good time and felt truelly blessed to have spent it with friends and family that care so much for me.

So, For the next year…

I would like to try a few things for the next year and hope I continue to enjoy life. I can say that I’ve felt a true sense of happyness in the last few months – I’ve got involved in a lot of things I’ve dreamed about doing and just went for it with a new focus I didn’t seem to have. I’ve discovered that I find more and more I can do in life and look forward to what is coming next.

  • Trampolining: Sumasaults with no help
  • More cooking styles
  • Dance: become more fluid, confident, and relaxed in dance and expand the styles
  • Great grades and new friends through University
  • Be more involved with Harvest
  • The traditional – I want to get fitter, healthier etc

So thats me done for the year, so much has happened and I can see so many posibilities for the future and although its hard work and will get more of a challenge, I am looking forward to it while working through everything I have on.

Happy New Year!

Happy New Year 2011

Thank you for reading any of my posts over the past year or so, I plan like so many things to write more often and like the way that others do actually read them.

I am wishing you an amazing new year and hope that you have fun time.

A Year Day By #Day @orange_penguins

Another blog… except daily with pictures:

The plan is to take a picture of something in that day, and write some thoughts on whats happened or something like that. So far its been kept up to date.

Day 1: End of 2009
Day 2: Beggining 2010
Day 3: Read left or right its the same date in the US
Day 4: End of new years break
Day 5: Back to work
Day 6: Semi fake milk
Day 7: The sixth day

So one week down so far, 51 or so to go.

And so another year passes…

I wish all an awsome new year and that this year makes a posative change to so many of us.

I look over the past year and see so many changes in myself that I didn’t even think possable. I didn’t even consider that it could be changed or that happen to me.

I’ve recently learned that if I put my mind to things, I can often do or come close to being able to and just the trying and getting somewhere further than where I currently am. Its a nice feeling and helps motivate you onto more things.

I am looking forward to the next year of all the changes that will happen and how I will grow and change and wonder what new things i’ll be doing that I wished that I would have tried earlier.

Full Blue Moon

So its New years eve, and a full blue moon tonight. All a blue moon means is that its the second full moon in a month – it doesn’t happen too often.

The moon’s cycle is 29 and a half days. In a month with 31 days, there’s time to have two full moons in a month. Happens every year or so but its nice to have on a night where a lot of people may be out to be able to see it.

I don’t really have any plans for new year which is not so different to most years but usually by the eve I have something planned. So maybe i’ll just be home for it as so many places/people that I’d usually be out with are staying in without visitors. Shame really.

If your interested in the full moon or the moon phases heres a useful page: that tells you the UK based ones.

Tonights full moon is at 19.15