I want people to know about….

How do I get people to know about something new. I know I can share on here but how many people actually read this? I’m not sure.

I’ve had friends ask me of ways to promote things to help raise money for themselves or charity and i’ve came up with a list to start with.

If you have other ideas, please post comments and say them. We can help each other promote 🙂

The list/ideas I have:

• Make posters, postcards etc and put them out in places like fast food shops that may put stuff up for free, or put in windows.

• Build a website, a set of pages about what you want to promote and promote the site…

i) Submit to search engines

Type: Site submitter into google and fill in your site URL. Never Pay, the free ones do the same but occasionally show you adverts while it submits.

ii) Comment on peoples Blogs that relate to your cause and create a link to your site.

iii) Start a blog, and advertise on people who post comments.

iv) Exchange website links with other sites.. as in you put theirs up and they put up yours.

v) Add to your signature your website link and name.
i.e. On Forums, Email, back of envelopes when sending away

vi) Use Social sites to promote your site like Bebo, Facebook, MySpace and send your links out on your profiles.

• Make up a business card and get it made up. Vistaprint offers free business cards [free except p&p]

• Write an article about your cause and send it to newspapers, websites – include your website in the article.

Just a small selection of possable helpful hints.

• Vistaprint


I get on with my neighbours. Its nice, I’ve never had any issues and no complaints either. People seem to know each other and althou I’m not particularly close with any of them I do feel a part of the community.

My neighbours to one side are selling up and I’ll be getting new ones. It will be the first new ones I’ve had to “get used too” as before this I was the new one.

I’m wondering what it will be like. Will I get on with them? Will I like them… will they like me? Lots of questions, time will tell.