Good Friday

It is a time to remember the sacrifice that Christ laid out for us. Trading himself for our sins. A good day for us all.

I know today I’ve had a good day this Good friday, I was reminded by the cause of the day but in general its been a good day. I spent most of it out in the sun enjoying the heat – got up to around 26’C outside – it was lovely. Glad I brought my sun cream with me, I felt like I was cooking in a nice way.

I spent most of the afternoon reading, I don’t often read books – not for pleasure – usually to find something out, so solve a problem, not just stop, relax and read but thats what i’ve been up to. The book is around 200 pages, and I’ve passed the half way mark today. I’m a slow reader usually so its a real success for me.

I went to see some films later. I went alone, I had no one around that I could go with and went to see a film I’d wanted to see but hadn’t seen. I found a strange thing happen.

While there waiting for the film to commence and people to get seated, I talked with people – No idea who they were and it felt fine doing so. Chatting about litterally anything and it was good. I find this strange as when with people I know, the confidence seems to seep away yet go somewhere I know no-one and suddenly I can talk to anyone about anything. I need to switch that around a little but to know that I can do it sometimes means its something I should be able to do whenever.

So anyhow, Please remember Good Friday for what it is. A memory of change for us all. Christ Jesus dying on a cross to save us from sin and in a couple of days – we remember He rises again on Easter.

Time Out

I’m having a little time out from normal life this month. A time of reflection and meeting with friends I’ve not seen in almost if not years.

I’ve been to Skegness for Spring Harvest stewarding and really enjoyed that – I think it has been the best year on team so far. Now I am in Northampton for the rest of the month.

The plan was to meet different friends I’ve not seen in ages, and was organised for most of this week. So far, none. I have found it odd and somewhat annoying that many have said that they would love for me to come down, but now that I am – they don’t have any free time. I let people know months in advance and it was all the “yeah, that will be great attitude” but so far it seems it was all talk. I have confirmed with several to meet next week from Sunday.

So first few days down here have been to explore and get lost successfully. The house I’m staying in has 3 other people here, all really friendly. I am staying in a rented room for a month. It worked out cheaper than trying to get a hotel for the time and there is a lot more freedom here. Plus I can do my washing so dont need to go elsewhere for it.

A home away from home. Last night I went to trampolining in Northampton, a time to wind down and relax. They made the adults class do warm up – something that is rarely done in the adults class up north although advised to do. It was a good little warm up – less than we make kids do but still energetic enough – think i’ll suggest it when I get back.

The days are hot here, well they feel hot. Apparently been around 20 to 24’C in past few days and today. Bright sunshine, lazing in a back garden in the sun reading a book. Can’t use laptop as normal – too bright but so relaxing – I could come back with a tan…. Probably not though.