Standing up for the people

Last week I decided to go ahead and go for my thoughts in polotics, I spoke with friends and they say the way i’ve spoken about it shows a kind of passion – as I want to help people and its a way I know how too. So my name is put down onto the list and we’ll see how it goes.

I have stood for a ward councillor before – in an area that I live in, but was unlikely to be won for the party I stand for – There was 2 positions, and 6 of us going for it – I came in 3rd with 498 votes and that was a few years ago now. I learned a lot from the time of doing the build up – one thing in particular was how open people were at the doorstep just to listen and got me thinking as to why more people don’t share so easily.

The process isn’t easy to become a councillor – First of all you have to apply/volunteer, then be chosen within the party itself which may involve applications, interviews and speeches. A panel chooses to put you forward and where to stand. Then its onto the People: Going out and talking with people, trying to get yourself known, trying to help people and then voting day – where you have to be chosen by the people and compete against however many other parties and people for the top 2 or 3 positions. A stressful and yet exciting day ending with the count – which half the time is boring, until its your turn or someone you know and then its the end results of a competition being read out.

And when you get in, a party – then work for the next 4 years or so trying to help others in the specified area you stood for.

MP expenses… Why did they try?

Over the past few weeks I’ve heard, like many people, about the Expenses of MPs and what they’ve apparently gotten away with. Just google it, to see more about it.

I asked myself why and thought about it – They are representing the people – they have done what many, maybe not all, their represented people have done at least once in their past.

How many people are scamming the benefits people, have applied for something that they didn’t think they qualified but went for it anyway. Taken discounts at place that they knew they didn’t qualify for but thought they’d try it to see just if…

I think its daft and wrong for some of the things they’ve put in for, but someone had to sign off on them for them to be accepted. I don’t agree what many have done, but do see they have represented the people as the people have acted…

Well, thats my thoughts anyhow…