No Internet

Its strange how much you don’t realise you use it until the connection dies. This past saturday our cable internet stopped working and mid sunday when i’ve written this – it still is not working.

I’ve got my mobile working MSN, and realised I can’t play games with friends as needs the internet – no email, no news checking, no internet TV, music etc I really do use it a lot.

Outside is pouring rain, so can’t easily work outside so instead I write these things.

Realisation that in reality I depend on an internet connection to the outside world and don’t really have a backup internet connection unless you could Dial-up of which accounts you have to signup online for… kinda defeats the point really.

So being offline for a few days while at home allowed me to do other things like reading books – odd but i’d forgotten how much i enjoyed it.

Back on around 16:30 – Now i’ve got access, I don’t really fancy using it much… Nevermind.