EYE Eye eye

My eye sight has got a lot worse over the last few years, I tend to wear contact lenses or my glasses whenever working, or driving. I’ve not been advised to wear while driving but now if trying to read something on my own its not in focus and not nice.

I dont always wear them, I can watch things without text without any issue – they seem in focus but maybe not quite as sharp as they could be. I never used to wear glasses or anything to correct the images. Maybe its over use of a computer or watching a screen to much – I don’t know what caused the issues just that they are here now.

It took me a long time to get used to putting lenses into my eyes. Often I would start to get it in and my eye would close so would end up nearly on the eye lid or dropped somewhere. Now its more that it gets stuck to my finger and wont connect to the eye which is annoying. Only takes seconds to get them out – never had an issue that way.

It must have been around 2 months before I could comfortably put lenses in – still takes me around 5 minutes some days, others about 30 seconds – to start with around 20 minutes or more so quite and improvement.

My balance also improved with the lenses. I was less dizzy and my trampolining improved greatly I was told and they wondered what was different – only thing was change to contacts… I’m glad I chose to do them, they give a lot of freedoms that glasses restrict you with.