Its been a good weekend

Its been a good weekend and it really started on Friday afternoon. It was not all rest and relaxation though. On Friday afternoon, I met with someone with Business Link. I’ve been running a business on my own since about April, and its been hard – I’ve had difficulties and still am and was getting to the point of “what can I do to make this successful” – this was one reason why I made the meeting appointment.

I didn’t know what to expect but was due to start around 3pm. We finished soon after 5pm, I didn’t expect it to go on that long but got a load of my questions answered that I’d not found through searching websites. Some times its just better to talk to people.

The guy asked me lots of questions and gave me lots of information. Most of which was totally relavent to me. Things I had just missed, I knew, but had somehow missed for the process – thinking it was non relevent and just dismissing it. He guided me through what relevence it had and after seeing a point it really made sense again.

For the first time in about 4 months, I am really positive again about a real future with the business and that it will be successful now. I never really speak of the business here as this is my personal blog but still its part of my life that I tend to share with everyone. I am keeping in contact with business link and can honestly say that I think it was truelly benificial to have gone there.

The Night

Its been a long time since I’ve been out for a night out in the town and it was a good night. Went with a group of friends – there was about 7 of us core in total but people joined and left depending where we were.

I felt really good on the night, I think it had something to do with the meeting in the afternoon – I felt positive before doing anything more – its a feeling I enjoy, yet forget every so often.

We met around my place, and had some drinks before heading out to the local and meeting with the rest of the group. Music, chat and drinks – a nice combination. I tried a variety of drinks, many of which I’d never seen or heard of before that friends had – some very very sweet, much to my liking.

We went to “GLAM” – a remodelling of the stockton night club that changes name every 5 years or so. One friend said it was really good now. I can say that I enjoyed going, the layout had changed a little but was generally the same place with the difference that I could actually get to the bar and somehow people there could hear what I ordered (even if at that point it was just water).

After a while, I met a cousin of mine in there. I wasn’t expecting to see him and neither was he to see me. We stopped and chatted, I lost the rest of my group. They had told me they were thinking to head to the wobbly goblin – a smaller pub/club place but hadn’t said when. I had continued to chat with my cousin keeping them in sight – they lost me.

When I looked around the next time they were all gone, I wandered looking for them but had lost them so I headed outside – it was about 1am so my thought was if I didn’t find them I’d just head home. When outside I got a text message telling me they couldn’t find me and headed over to the wobbly.

So I headed over, paid to get in and got a small collection of game tickets to get free drinks. I think everyone got one, but I seemed to get a few so handed them out and won drinks using the one I got – worked out for whatever I bought, I got double so that cheapened things slightly.

It was a good night, and headed home somewhere after 3am – it was great that we all live so close by as the taxi worked out around £3 for each of us instead of the £10 or so it would normally have cost.

For the Weekend

I’ve not really done a lot over the weekend but have enjoyed it and got a few of my ideas done that I’ve thought about for weeks but not sat down and worked out in practice.

On saturday night, I didn’t realise the time – it was actually nearer 6am sunday that I headed to sleep – I’d watched several movies that I’ve not seen in years on TV including “Dusk til Dawn” which the opening scenes are just great (especially if you’ve the volume loud) and was chatting to friends I’d lost contact with (probably due to time differences)

Sunday – my church isn’t on due to it being the 5th sunday of the month and was meeting for a walk but I didn’t fancy that so the late night wasn’t a worry. I really should have set an alarm though as didn’t awaken until around 3pm when a friend called asking if I was going to IXth hour and wanting some transport if they can.

I was greatful for the call, and will be grateful for the company – 50 minutes in a car with no sounds but the car and me isn’t so great. My radio decided to just stop working about a week ago in the car – no idea whats wrong – it just doesn’t turn on anymore. Maybe a fuse, I’ll check it when I figure out how too. Alternativly, it may be the time to put in my other stereo thats been packaged since my last car but still requires me to pull it out and find the issue.

Anyhow, being woken up was a good thing… looking at the clock and wondering why someone was calling at 3am then remembering you were still awake at that time… oh no, that means its 3pm you should get up.. Its a good thing, otherwise i’d be exhausted tommorrow trying to get up.

Tonight is IXth hour, It will be a change as Y-Friday no longer run the worship – will be nice to see. I’ll be up stewarding – helping out if I can and will talk to people. Loads of friends there so its a good night.

I’ve only posted 3 times this month, hopefully I’ll share more but to be honest, I didn’t have anything much to share or I never thought I did.