It was school days…

I’ve been on facebook for a while and seem to get friend requests from people of school times, people that have recognised a face from back then which would be early 90’s when we were there. I’ve often added them, but put them on limited profile to start with.

I do get nosey, wondering how they’ve been and what they now do in life. I see friends leaving messages for each other from the “groups” of that time in life.

While at school, i was a quiet one. I was nervous frequently and not very confident. The only thing I was really confident with was my faith – I didn’t care what people thought of me when it came to that but anything else I seemed to stay quiet.

When I was in junior school I was loud, a lot. Which many people nowadays or even from secondary school would find it hard to believe. I was told for several years to be quiet, ignored and taunted/bullied and it was easier to be quite to please than fight it so I went quiet. Nowadays I get loud when excited but in general a quiet person.

School did shape me a lot, but college gave me a freedom I’d not known. People who were there, were there because they wanted to learn about the chosen subject and althou got picked on a little, it was a lot free’r and I could do so much more without so many limits.

Getting back to school, I knew lots of people – and lots knew me. I had a few base friends, most of which I am still great friends with and see often if not daily.

The majority of others, and maybe most that have now found me on facebook I wouldn’t recognise if out and about, but seem happy to talk via a virtual connection online. I find its great to see life changes in people. Many people i knew then are now married or in relationships… some with each other wheras at school they seemed to hate one another.

So many changes and yet still recognised to a point. Probably not by name, but the way some people looked. Its great the idea to litterally see how people are. I do like the way facebook allows you to see a kind of timeline through pictures and comments of just how some people have grown over time.

I can’t say I enjoyed school times, but do see it shaped me. Its where i realised I loved dance, but was too afraid to actually go for it. Its taken about 12 years after finishing school to finally start with dance, and I do love it althou know that I’m not particurlly good at it but its great fun.

Dreamland – Fun yet dangerous with the occasional kickback (pt2/2)

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The street theater – There was circus like acts going on, people up high on wierd bikes or stilts in bright costumes. There was something everywhere most of the time unless you went out into the fields that just seemed to go on forever. You chose the weather by thinking it and it happened – be it Rain, glorious sunshine, or snow.

We went out in the snow and built snow people, it was snow and we just seemed to have the warm clothes to wear, there was clothes racks all over and you just grabbed what you wanted. It wasn’t cold but just right and it was so easy to make things… everything we wanted just seemed to be lying around. There was snow ball fights getting us all drenched and covered and wandered over to a pond that was frozen over – we went ice skating, and chilled out just having fun.

I recall thinking, “is this all a dream?” and tried to float but couldn’t. Usually if I work out its a dream I can float or fly and continue. The rain was lovely at night, such a relaxing sound it bouncing off the glass windows.

There was play parks big enough for adults with huge slides, and swings that you could get really high on – not recommended to jump from althou we did and recall it hurting but just for a couple of seconds before going back and playing some more. There was climbing frames, and a few zip lines over water and this wierd spongy foam that seemed to take quite an impact and not hurt when you hit it.

Food was awesome, there seemed to be a place for everything – I recall a place that served just loads of different crisps and a dance floor for salsa – it was great. You could watch or join in. I could seem to remember all the moves from classes in my real life inside the dream and actually be able to do them and enjoy it. The food was eat as much or little as you want.

There was trampolines about the size of 4 normal club sized ones put together – you could get really high and catapult yourself all over or mix with friends and play amazing games of seat attack catapulting one another into the air.

It didn’t feel like you were in danger unless you went down the bank through the shopping centre, everywhere else seemed safe and the people around us were happy too. Only at one point when we were heading down past the centre did we need to stop the group and re-direct them – they were heading towards the unpleasent place but they couldn’t seem to feel it – a strange sense I seemed to have.

Days seemed to pass into weeks yet I was only asleep a few hours, I awoke feeling refreshed but suprised I was at home. I have no idea how I got there, or how I returned but look forward to going there again like so many of my past dreams – they somehow reconnect and its like a continuation.

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Dreamland – Fun yet dangerous with the occasional kickback (pt1/2)

There was what seemed to be a town, like a giant themepark – everywhere there was something to do: be it a show or event somewhere, a ride to go on, a stall to play at or a place to eat at aswell as street theater all around me.

Down one road it felt very dark, it went into a shopping centre with all grey closed shutters and down a hill. At the top of the hill there was an open market stall with veg, and fruit and a girl behind the counter serving and looking oddly towards me when I started to head down the hill. I felt uncomfortable and it was as thou you were diving into an unknown danger – I headed back up and into the central area – the whole atmostphere felt better and happier again.

There was a lot of shows on, for almost anything imagined I recall but don’t remember what they were – just remember that everything seemed covered in some way or uncovered in many ways. You had the choice to be an audience member or actually get up and have a go at anything. It was fun, scary, entertaining and rewarding.

There were loads of people around me, they seemed familure but at the same time unknown to me. I made friends with a few of them and we wandered around the place together.

There was an area to design your own rollercoaster and then ride it with friends, so many high sudden turns that surely were unsafe and unlikely to ever happen in the real world. It was something you designed and said you’d like and then come back and ride – kind of like waiting for a picture to be developed.

Time – it wasn’t just a few hours, it was more like around a few weeks or so had passed with the time there – even recall going to sleep and getting up and right back into the action. We often crashed out in different places after a nights entertainment.

One afternoon there was an attack… some people were running around and we originally thought it was a scene from a theater piece to find out suddenly it wasn’t as the people came towards us. They were covered with blood, cuts all over and dragging others down with them.

We ran but some people came after us with knives and we ran fast and got split up. We went up & down steps, over fences/walls and through a maze of buildings.. we looked back they seemed to be gone we kept on going and returned to the centre again to meet up again.

Continues Tommorrow

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Spring Harvest – Part 2

I prayed a prayer before coming – asking God to help me to serve and to show me some direction and hopefully make some good new friends along the way… He came through on this one 🙂

I went with the attitude of talk to anyone, as if they don’t like you its no loss – I didn’t know them before now. It seemed easy althou hard too – to be able to mix in with groups that came together and break up the clique area – everyone ended up in groups of their own but we also came together well and worked as a Team which was excellent.

The first night was good – we got to enjoy the final night of the last weeks event as part of the event and seeing 4 to 5 thousand people all worshiping together. There was interpretors on stage for signing and people and seats everywhere.

Music, Talk, and prayer were all there. Stories told that helped answer questions. Realisations in self that can not be put into words but an action of somethingness – a meaning within. It made sense and I know it to be right but to explain what… I can not.

I had a good night, and we went to our accomodations. I found it strange that people did tend to settle quickly. Other camps I’ve been on – the first night is when people get to know each other. I had a wonder in different events, but went to bed quite early myself – by about 11.30pm.

Music to refresh the memory

Have you ever just listened to music and all feelings inside seem to stir – memories of past, and how things could be come to light.

I was just browsing on Spotify music to chill out too – I typed Meditate and in the first few songs were ones I’ve always liked but never really knew what they were called.

I laid back and listened and just felt a kind of peace, a posativity and power that roared within that so much more is possable.

Its something I needed, and was looking for but didn’t realise – A reminder of a passion lost.

Its strange that from a chill out song, there was so much power projected through it all.

I go through a lot of ups and downs in life, weekly changing goals of what I’d like to acheive but always do fall back to whom I have grown to be in some way.