Riverdance Performance

Feeling so free after a good night out. Enjoying the speed and energy of the dance while sat back in quite comfy if compact seating.

I went to watch Riverdance, in Sunderland Empire on Monday night, a friend went with me. It rained on the way there which was unexpected as was so warm where we came from so we were cold and wet when we got there but so was so many others too.

I’ve heard reviews of Riverdance before and seen bits on TV but it was so much better in action in front of us. The seating looked like it was going to be bad but we had leg room and could see everything so it was good.

I’ve fancied seeing it for a while but like most things – didn’t as no-one else seemed to want to go but decided I was going – just to see if I liked it.

The dancing was amazing, along with excellent music played. The movements so quick and in time with one another. It was ocasionally like watching a branch wave in the wind and fall in place, moving in a motion but being itself at the same time.

I really enjoyed it – there was a few dances I didn’t entertain and my mind wandered but was suprised to find it half way so quickly – but it wasn’t that quick – I was just enjoying it.

I’ve never went to a theater to watch a dance before but will definitly go again. Its something I thought older people 40s+ went too – more younger people should try – its an amazing time.

I feel really happy, and can still hear the music playing and see the movement and tapping of feet. If you have the chance to see it live, I’d suggest to go for it.

I’m now wondering where and what else I can see or be involved in. A time of change – I can hope.