So #in2010 My list #toDo And #doit I Shall Try

My 2010 #toDo List. Some I need, some I’d like, All that i’d like to acheive:

  • Enjoy Life
  • Make New friends and keep in contact with old ones
  • Write at least a weekly blog post, try for 3 a week
  • Update into something real instead of just Orange Penguins
  • Get fitter (try swimming more often for example)
  • Learn Sumasaults in Trampolining
  • Complete a sponsored Event
  • Continue a 365 photo blog and keep it going
  • Learn how to utilise Twitter


I’ve been bugged to get a twitter feed by many friends but I don’t really see the point apart from sticking a status message every so often. I don’t see why people would be particulary interested althou several people do seem to have added my feed to there pages.

Is it a way to have a coversation to many over an insecure communication medium that anyone can read… probably…