Helpful Days of Chatful Joy

Today has been a good day for me. I’m getting back my ability to write again as there has been no updates for well over a month or so and yet so much has happened. Today I will just speak of today but I have so much more to say now.

I got lost trying to find a friends hometown some 30 minutes from my own. Found the friend late and had coffee and chat – heard a little of their life of the past few months and shared a little of mine.

Today was a time to share and learn about friends experiences over the past few months. I met with 2 friends and had an interesting conversation with another on the phone never mind the multiple chats online aswell telling me of engagements and changes in life for them – its quite exciting the future for so many I am close too.

Tyre Changing

After seeing one friend and chatting I wandered for a while before heading over to my hometown. I was meeting another friend for Coffee – I had a hot chocoalte later on but that wasn’t until after shopping with her – and her asking lots of questions about clothing and shoes I didn’t really have answers for – most things looked the same to me.

Before meeting up, I had some time to use up so headed towards the library in stockton after parking up and as I was walking I noticed an old guy attempting to change a flat tyre – he looked troubled – I walked past and stopped, thought and returned. I asked if I could help in any way – I didn’t really know how I could but just wondered if I could.

I helped the guy change his tyre – he seemed very grateful for the help as couldn’t get things working – we changed it together and chatted a little. Took around 20 minutes to do it and I just said to him at the end “Glad I could help” with a smile, and went on my way – only to go to the library to clean my hands from the oil of the wheel.

As I was finishing I Noticed he had disabled sticker in his car too, and may have had more difficulty. It was odd to see so many people (including police) just walk by and not offer any help.

We seem to live in this world where we expect everything to be done for you but not to actually step out and help or to be paid for something – I guess I was paid in joy of helping cos it felt good to do so.

So, so far I’m having an amazing day… but before I went back to help I asked God “should I?” and then went for it. Its not something i’d often do but maybe we should take more time out and look at what is happening in life around us and see what 20 mins time out to help can do for another… I now wonder what else we as a people or a church can do so simply.

I like the way my life is evolving, and the understanding of simple tasks can make such a difference. I look forward to the time where I will have another like you have, but am quite excited on what I can now do on my own.